I just loaded the Android M preview version as of July 2015. I'm also on the Sprint network and my phone is rooted. How can I enable wifi hotspot ability on Android M?

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I just tried it, and this worked for me:

(Nexus 6, Android M Preview 3, Sprint)

  1. With root browser go to /system/ and open build.prop in a text editor.
  2. Add net.tethering.noprovisioning=true to the bottom.
  3. Save and reboot.

In Android L, I also had to do the tether_dun_required thing, but now that database just doesn't show up for me in Android M.


You can easily do this by connecting your rooted Nexus 5 phone to a computer and run the command in the command prompt or terminal: adb shell

After it connects to your phone run the command:

settings put global tether_dun_required 0

Then reboot and it should work!

  • does not work on android m preview 3 -- i get this error: Tethering or Hotspot Error -- Unable to connect to data network; You may not be subscribed to Tethering or Hotspot service; please contact your phone company. Commented Sep 22, 2015 at 1:52

After Android M (Mashmallow) Preview 3 -- You need to do the following to get tether / wifi hotspot to work:

  1. On your Windows computer open up a terminal and type: adb shell
  2. In the terminal window, type: " su - " (check your phone to approve)
  3. echo "net.tethering.noprovisioning=true" >> /system/build.prop
  4. Run this command: content insert --uri content://settings/global --bind name:s:tether_dun_required --bind value:i:0
  5. Reboot

Verified; working on Android M preview 3 as of 9-21-2015.

  • cant get it working on nexus 6 with android M stock rom. the content command fails when trying to do an insert. this is for sprint too. Commented Oct 13, 2015 at 16:26

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