I connect my samsung galaxy ace 2 into my Windows pc, and there are 2 directories shown. My SD card, and the internal storage, named Phone. Both of these seem to be empty. the SD card directory, named Card Says that there is 3.57 GB Free of 3.68 GB, yet opening it shows Nothing. Phone says there is 1GB of 1GB free, and there's nothing inside. I have come to realise that what i have emptied out is just data the apps collect and use, not the apps themselves. All aps remain on my phone and work fine. Yet it says it is completely empty.

Now, what my phone says is a completely different story. It thinks the total space is 1.2 GB and there is 1.1 GB free, with 71.16 MB being used for applications and the rest for Misc files. There are only slight differences in the SD card, with 3.69 GB Total and 3.58 GB Free.

So, My Phone and PC contradict each other in pretty much all aspects. I have windows setup to show hidden files. But it isn't. I want to see all the files on my phone, from my computer. How can I acheive this? Searching for this issue on google doesn't help much from what I have found.

EDIT: The samsung website specifies the phone as having "Built in memory 4GB (2GB user memory)". So why is it I only get half of what i'm supposed to have?

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if your phone shows up as a local drive (like a pendrive)

go to start type cmd then Ctrl+Shift+Enter(to open with admin privileges) then type

attrib -s -h /d /s [X]:\*.*

where [X] is the drive letter of the memory of the phone you want to see (dont type the "[]")

  • It shows up as "Phone", with an icon mildly representing one.
    – Thedudxo
    Jul 29, 2015 at 9:27

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