Some people on whatsapp have a short profile message like "Hi, I am using Whatsapp". Other people have a long profile message like "An apple a day keeps the doctor away so that the bad things don't come out and play".

But it only shows part of their long message. How do I view the whole of it?


In the contacts list, tap the photo of the contact in question. This pops up a larger version of the photo, with three icons at the bottom: a message, a telephone, and an information 'i'. Tapping the 'i' takes you to a contact information screen, which includes the full status message.


As per FAQ:

The status message is a real time indicator of what you are doing, so that you can keep up to date with your contacts. You can view status messages by opening WhatsApp and going to the Favorites / Select contact screen. Your friend's status message will be displayed directly below their name.

It may take some time for your newly updated status message to display on your friends' phones. If your friends refresh their Favorites / Select contact list, they will see the status update much more quickly.

  • You've just quoted a huge chunk and not addressed what I said. I can see part of the message that others have put on their profiles, just not the whole of it – barlop Jul 29 '15 at 17:52

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