I'm user of samsung galaxy y s5360.I suddenly lost my vaulty app from my phone.I have kept my backup.When i tried to install it again,it is showing a parase error.how to get back my pics from vaulty?

  • Can you link your "vaulty app"? Your APK from backup is probably corrupted. How did you take the backup of it? What are other files in the backup other than the APK? – Firelord Jul 30 '15 at 17:07

I found that my phone had randomly uninstalled Vaulty one day and was worried i had lost my pictures.

I was able to install Vaulty from the play store again with the same pin and i was able to access my photos again.

If you can't do this i would suggest the following.

  1. Transfer the encrypted files to your computer or another device
  2. Restore your phone back to factory defaults
  3. Re-install Vaulty using the same pin from the `play store'
  4. Transfer your files back to the original location
  5. Launch Vaulty and you should see your pictures again

If you supply us with your android version we can add more detail to the instructions.

  • I did re-install from the playstore, i'll change my answer to reflect that. – Terry Jul 30 '15 at 19:05

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