I would like to know if there is any chance to connect my device to an external, touch sensitive display, such as ordinary touchscreen monitors. If yes, then how do I do that?

There are many solutions out there or coming up that would might be an option but I could not find anything related being close enough to my question.

Those solutions are:

  1. Matchstick
  2. PiCast
  3. AllCast
  4. Raspberry Pi

I found similar reads:

  1. How can I connect an Xperia X8 to an external monitor?
  2. USB touchscreen on Android 4.0.3 -> not possible to select (only moving the pointer)
  3. Connecting Android tablet to external Touch screen

But the final end user friendly step is still missing.

It would be nice to have a kind of reversed iDisplay, simple and user friendly. I just don't want to buy anything additional just for the bigger screen when my smartphone has already all the necessary hardware.


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