I'm an owner of Android 4.2.2 device.

For a while, I can see identical apps in Settings->Apps->Running:

  • "Baidu IME" x 2
  • "Google Services" x 2
  • "GO Weather EX" x 3
  • "GO Launcher Z" x 2
  • "GO SMS Pro" x 2

Would they all have just two instances I would think that this is caused by two google accounts registered in the system, but why then I have three running "GO Weather EX"?

  • If you tap them, you would see entries showing what category they belong to, a process or a service. You may try OS Monitor as well. – Firelord Aug 6 '15 at 11:00

Usually in Android,The processes may look the same. But it may do different functions.Inn Your case, GO Weather EX kill the two instance & check if that app works properly and comeback to Settings->Apps->Running page. If again 3 instances are running then Each of them may do different functions

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