Galaxy-S (Vibrant), Android 2.1

I was watching Avatar the other day and paused it. When I played it again later, it restarted at the beginning. Is it possible to resume play from where I left off, or bookmark a position or something? Or is there a different/better player that does this? Thanks!

  • I'd change the main question to tell its for the Galaxy S. The default player should remember where you was as long as you don't close it. I don't have any experience with other players.
    – Barfieldmv
    Commented Sep 20, 2010 at 11:58

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My T-Mobile Vibrant (Samsung Galaxy S) just received a OTA update from T959UVJFD to T959UVJI6. It appears that this may have fixed the problem you are describing. It no longer is a problem for me after this update was installed. It is also mentioned at the xda-developers site along with other changes that were included in the update.


I am using the default movies and player that came with my Galaxy S (AT*T Captivate) without this error. It may be possible that there was a timeout (how long did you pause for?). You may also want to try the doubletwist video player to see if it resolves your problem.


I have the same issue with my Samsung Vibrant. I just started dropping bookmarks before "pausing" and resuming from them.

  • How do you drop a bookmark? Commented Sep 26, 2010 at 14:54

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