I have this real strange problem that youtube is not playing on my Onda Tablet (dark screen and "problem while playing"), when I am in my home wifi. When I use my mobile as a hotspot and connect my tablet to it (also via wifi) it's working. I use several android devices and the Onda Tablet is the only one, which does not play Youtube. Other Video Players work without problems. This also happens, when I browse to m.youtube.com in a browser on the tablet. Here's what I already tried:

  • Clean Cache and data of youtube app
  • reinstall youtube app
  • manually downgrade youtube app
  • changed DNS of the tablet to
  • Factory reset the tablet
  • Reset my router My only guess is a misconfiguration in the wifi options of the tablet but I could not find one.

My Tablet: Onda air v989 running Android 4.4.4 Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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So, I came across the solution for my very specific problem:

My tablet seems to have a problem concerning youtube and IPv6. It's probably some flaw in the firmware. After speaking to my internet provider I am now constantly leasing an IPv4 Adress and youtube is working just fine.

If you have similiar problems you should definitly try this out!

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