When staying in a hostel or going camping with a group of people, I need to use an alarm clock that can wake me up by vibrating instead of playing music.

Until now, I used CyanogenMod's internal app, which does support both modes, but its vibrating mode is too fast. I need something more gentle, and available on stock Android :-)

I checked Gentle Alarm, but it's just too complicated.

Thank you.

  • Which Android version and device are you using? In my Android 4.2.1 , the stock Alarm vibrates and plays music simultaneously. – Firelord Aug 11 '15 at 9:52

Timely has this option. When setting up an alarm, select silent for the audio part and then check the vibrate option.

You can find Timely here. I have used Timely for years and I love it. XD

Edit. Had to fix the link. Sorry about that.

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