I want to map /sdcard/DCIM to /storage/sdcard1/DCIM using CM 12.1 on a I9100

I wrote those few lines to /data/local/userinit.sh:

log -p i -t userinit "userinit start";
mount -o bind /storage/sdcard1/DCIM /sdcard/DCIM;
log -p i -t userinit "userinit end";

If I execute it the script via adb shell the folder gets mapped perfectly. But if I reboot the device the folder is not mapped. In the log I cloud see the userinit start and the userinit end so userinit.sh is called during startup.

I also tried

su root mount -o bind /storage/sdcard1/DCIM /sdcard/DCIM;

Any suggestions?

  • Same problem here, but app below won't fix. Oct 16 '18 at 21:58

Found a workaround: init.d script invocation by app


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