I needed some way to interact between my desktop and my android phone (Cynaogen). I got a router from my friend. To be clear, its not about getting access to internet, I just want to establish LAN connection between by desktop and Android phone.

By logging into the router, I've configured "Wireless Network" to following settings (advanced view).

Problem is even though XYZ wifi network is shown in available networks in Android phone, after entering the password, status is turning to Saved and after a while it says Authentication Problem. I tried rebooting the router, forgetting the network and try connecting again in my phone. I tried connecting using my friend's phone (kitkat 4.4) too. But still it isn't connecting.

To make sure MyDslModem does not transmit on illegal frequencies, you must set where you are in the world.

Global Setting   
    Select Profile:     802.11B/G
    Wireless Network:   Enable   
    Select Country:     USA
    You may either choose a channel yourself, or allow to automatically select the best channel.     
    Channel Selection:  Auto
    Select Channel: 1
    Network Name (SSID): XYZ
    Hide SSID:  No   
    Fragmentation Threshold : 2346
    RTS Threshold : 2347
    NitroXM PiggyBack:  Enable   
    WMM:    Disable      

Security Settings    
    Select Security Option:  Wi-Fi Protected Access2
    [disabled] WEP Authentication Mode:     Open     
    [disabled] Select Tx Key Index:     0
    [disabled] Select Key Method:   Pass Phrase
    [disabled] Key:          
    [disabled] WEP Pass Phrase:          
    Select Encryption Protocol: AES-CCMP protocol
    Select Authentication Method:   PSK (Pre Shared Key)
    WPA Pass Phrase:    mypassword@47    
    802.1x Identity String: BSNL Voip gateway        
    [disabled] 802.1x Rekey Timeout: 600         
    [disabled] PMK Caching:     Enabled      
  • It looks like a modem config issue related to wifi encryption setting. Do you have access to web interface for this modem?
    – Sri Nair
    Aug 16, 2015 at 8:50
  • Try to switch different encryption modes
    – ashed
    Jul 8, 2016 at 17:34


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