Can I synthesize arbitrary text strings with TTS from the Android's console?

To give the idea, on Debian I would do:

festival --tts <(echo Buongiorno signore)

The TTS engine needs to be always available and run offline, thus Google TTS is not an option. The phone is a "Samsung Galaxy Fame gt-s6810p" with Android 4.1.2; it comes with an offline Samsung TTS engine installed.

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I normally run android tts from android terminal, just the way on linux.

I achieve this with sl4a & Python4Android (github.com/kuri65536/python-for-android/releases). Here is the wrapper script that I use for python environment in terminal.

Just Create a python program using sl4a tts api, like this ::

`#!/system/bin/py  # Change the Path to wrapper script

 import android
 import sys

 droid = android.Android()

 print 'Speaking ::' + sys.argv[1]


Save as tts. Run it in terminal with your text as argument.

tts 'Hello, It's me TTS , running from console.'

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