I am looking for a way to submit content from my Android device via HTTP POST to a web service.

Basically, when I click the Share button on my phone, I would like an option (an icon in the list of share targets) to share that item with my web service.... e.g. https://myserver.com/mywebservice

The web service would handle the data as it needed to (e.g. if the shared item was a URL, or a picture, or... whatever).

Is there some way to do this without having to build an Android app just for this purpose? Maybe there is a customizable sharing app that I have not been able to uncover.

Backstory: I use an iGrill thermometer & Android app for long barbecue sessions. At the end of the session, the app allows me to export the temperature data over the duration of the session (for graphing etc). I presently share the exported file to my gmail, but then I have to download the file from gmail, and upload it manually to my web server. I'd prefer to go right from the iGrill app to the web server.


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I found an app that provides this capability (among other useful sharing features. It's called AutoShare, and its working great- I had to tweak a line or two in my web service, but now the iGrill data is being shared directly to my web server!

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