I've recently installed CyanogenMod 11 on my (now very old) LG Optimus 2X. After some tweaking, I managed to make it work much snappier than the original ROM, one of the main things being setting the built-in Minfree Taskkiller preset to Aggressive.

This created a large problem, however - when using some memory-hungry apps (like Viber and Facebook Messenger), the taskkiller seems to kill my keyboard. Basically, in the middle of typing a message, the keyboard simply disappears, only to appear a couple of seconds later and then disappear again soon after.

To fix this, I wanted to tweak the Minfree Taskkiller further so that it wouldn't kill the keyboard so eagerly. It offers the following categories of applications to tweak the threshold for killing apps:

  • Foreground Applications
  • Visible Applications
  • Secondary Server
  • Hidden Applications
  • Content Provides
  • Empty Applications

To which of these does the keyboard process belong to actually?


Some time ego I have written custom android keyboard, and finally Keybaord extend android Service class. I.e I think We can say - android is a Hidden Application - a Service.

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    This didn't seem to work - reducing the threshold for Hidden Applications didn't seem to solve the problem. – fstanis Aug 23 '15 at 21:01

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