I had app hangovers restarting over and over again and could not open my settings on my phone app or any other application so I open the back of the phone and turned it off by pulling the battery out and when I put the battery back in its stuck on the lg logo screen and wont do anything else


I read the following procedure should work.

LG Shine II

  • Power off the phone completely.
  • Press and hold (in this order) Volume Up+Volume Down+Home+Power, until you see the Android character and a box-unloading animation.

LG Sunrise L15G

  • Power off the phone completely
  • press and hold the Volume Down and Power button together for a couple of seconds.
  • When the LG logo is displayed, let go of the Power key, keep pressing the Volume Down and then press once more the Power button.
  • You should release all buttons when the Factory Mode appears on the screen.
  • Confirm process by choosing appropriate options using Volume rockers to navigate and Power button to confirm.

You might lose any contacts, messages, photos etc that you have not already backed up.

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