My phone (LGL15G running 4.4.2) has been behaving suspiciously, and since it is relatively new and I do not have any important data on it, I thought it would be best to wipe it.

When I select settings > backup & reset, the factory data reset option is greyed out, with the sub-heading reading: "factory data reset is disabled by server policy".

I unchecked my backup provider (Google) on the same screen (backup & reset), and the factory reset option is still greyed out with the same message. How do I get it to allow me to reset?

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    Check Settings > Security > Device Admins, See if something else is keeping it from letting you reset it. Is this device, a work device? Cause some companies can set up security policies to prevent people wiping the phone to get around certain locks and etc.
    – jer3my
    Aug 22 '15 at 3:18

If you cannot factory reset from Android due to a server policy, you can do a hard reboot via the recovery mode. From LG's website1:

  1. Using the hard reset

    If you cannot recall your unlock pattern, PIN, or password, you need to perform a hard reset to access your phone.

    When the phone is turned off, press and hold the Home Key  + Volume Down Key  +Power/Lock Key . When the screen shows the LG logo, release thePower/Lock Key .

    When the screen displays an Android robot animation, release the other keys.

    Leave your phone for at least a minute while it performs the hard reset, then your phone will reboot.

That should bypass any policy. Of course, all the user data will be wiped.

1: The link is dead now. Gives error 404.


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