I am currently using HTC Desire C. Yup, a pretty old model..almost 3 years old now! Lately, I've been having problems on Whatsapp that I don't see anyone else having so I'm wondering if its my phone's fault.

Firstly, every time I open Whatsapp after switching on the Wifi or switching on the phone (say, if the battery died), error message 'Whatsapp is not responding' appears. And not until I press 'Okay' atleast 6-10 times (not exaggerating) in response to the same message appearing again and again, Whatsapp finally opens and it takes another 5 minutes to start receiving the messages.

And of the received messages, most of them are incomplete (as in, I receive say, 1 out of 5 sent messages) or I don't receive messages from certain people at all (when they said they have).

Is there anything I can do to solve this? I'm desperate!

  • Try updating whatsapp
    – Jay
    Aug 23, 2015 at 5:38

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All you can do is:

  1. Reset your phone.

  2. Try uninstalling the app and delete all files connected with WhatsApp, then reinstall.

  3. Install a custom ROM which is good choice for you.

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