My Lg Optimums L3 (e400) Is Always continuously syncing, from when I boot up till I shutdown, even when the setting is turned off. I think this started happening after I used the inbuilt power widget to turn automatic syncing off and since then I have been unable to get the icon to disappear. How can I Fix this problem?

Image 1 Image 2

  • What does your task manager say the battery consumption is for sync? – WarLoki Aug 24 '15 at 1:07
  • It doesn't seem to be showing, I would geuss that it isn't acually syncing but rather the icon isn't going away. But i can't be sure as battery use is only showing me this: i.stack.imgur.com/HWdWW.jpg – Matt07211 Aug 24 '15 at 1:17

After a factory reset, I had found out that Google play services was the culprit, the reason that the icon stayed up there was because I had stopped the application once while it was syncing, and since then the icon stayed up.

I still don't know the reason why it did that.

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