I have 4.2 version. I developed application which implements a webserver on the device. so If I want to connect to the device all I need to do is address its ip: http://192.168.10.x:8080. I want to replace the IP with a predefined host name, just like 'computer name' in windows: http://android_device:8080.

I found that I need to use Netbios, but I dont know how to activate a service like that.

Is it possible? I dont mind rooting the device.

thanks! Asaf


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That's not an Android specific question, but rather general networking stuff. You need something to resolve the name. As the IP you've named points to a "local network", and if you want to connect from a single computer only, the easiest way to achieve this is making use of the Hosts file of your computer's OS. On Linux this is /etc/hosts, where you can simply add a line like this: android_device

That's it. Syntax is the same on other OS's, just the location of the file might differ: see this section of the linked Wikipedia page for details.

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