I'm using Lenovo A850 and I have a problem with a default dialer. It cannot recognize numbers with or without country code (depending on how it's saved in contacts list). I installed exDialer and calls are now displayed correctly in the dialer app, but when I call someone or receive calls, a default Phone app is still used and contact name is not displayed.

eg. I have contact saved as +44 1234 567890. Default Phone app can't recognize this contact if call is received as 01234 567890, but exDialed can. How can I make exDialer the default phone app?

  • Can you check in Settings › Apps (in the "All" tab) whether you've got the option to "reset defaults" for your built-in dialer? If not, it might well be that exDialer doesn't offer itself as "possible default dialer". In that case, you might wish to take a look at other alternative dialers. – Izzy Aug 24 '15 at 11:30

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