On my PC (Windows 8.1) I am happily using Firefox with the Addons Ghostery and HTTPS-Everywhere. I really like this combination so I winder how I can achieve the same things on my Android phone.

  • I tried the Ghostery Browser for Android which however does not bring HTTPS-Everywhere-like functionality and offers no way to install such a plugin either.
  • I tried installig Firefox for Android and installing the Ghostify and HTTPS-Everywhere addons. This works quite well but is not very comfortable to use and quite slow. Also, Firefox crashes from time to time and does not cache loaded tabs in a way that they can still be viewed when offline without reloading. This is my favourite feature of Google Chrome and it would be a pity to do without.

So is there any way to combine the functionality of Ghostery, HTTPS-Everywhere and the nice Google Chrome functionality and its lightweightness?

... on Android?

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