How should I do this if I wanted to stream Spotify using my smartphone but the audio comes from the speakers connected to my PC? I only have USB speakers that can't be connected to my smartphone using the 3.5 mm jack.


Yes you can using wifi.

  1. download VLC player to your pc.
  2. download VLC direct from google play store.
  3. Enjoy

Here is the video check it out : Stream Music from Android Device to Computer - wireless - VLCDirect - JoFromAndroid | YouTube

  • Hope this helps. – Saif-RX Aug 26 '15 at 5:25

My first question would be: why not just stream Spotify right on the PC? You can stream right in a web browser or install the desktop app.

Second question: Could you please clarify your device and your PC?


Connect your device android device and PC with Xender (app) and enjoy your phone as audio streaming server.


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