I'm running a Cyanogenmod 12.1 nightly with AFWall 2.0.0 installed. AFWall seems to work as expected, except for the Yahoo! Weather service integrated in the cLock widget!? Even if the firewall is enabled without any exceptions I am able to refresh the weather and retrieve possible locations. This, however, is only possible using the Yahoo! Weather service. If I switch to the OpenWeatherMap service I am not able to update the weather information..

I already installed a network monitor (Network Log), but the log doesn't record any 'suspicious' traffic.. I was able to block the Yahoo! Weather service using AdAway together with a selfmade hosts-list.

However, I'm currently a bit lost. How does the cLock retrieve the weather information from Yahoo! Weather? Why is AFWall not able to block it? And why don't I see anything in the Network Log tool?

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