I want to flash Validus ROM on my OnePlus One. I looked up at the website of Validus ROM and they have not mentioned the difference between those three builds. When I checked some XDA threads I found that at least Tipsy and Validus builds seem to have Status: Stable.

So what is the idea behind the naming scheme? They don't seem to be like nightly, milestone and stable which CM follows.

I want to download and flash a build but I'm confused which one to download.


The difference is in the project they are based on (i.e., their parent ROM).

Validus is based on CyanogenMod, Tesla is based on Slim(Kat/LP), Tipsy is based mostly Android Open Source Project (AOSP) with some Slim(Kat/LP).

  • Tipsy is Slim base with full OMS support. It is still WIP. No build rolling yet
  • Tesla is GZ-AOSP (Fancy name of AOSP-CAF?) base with full OMS support and has handpicked useful features.
  • Validus is GZ-AOSP based too with a dark wolfie theme with full OMS support too and have a lot of features.


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