Is it possible to use an Android device (like a smartphone) as an USB ramdisk?

Basically i'd like to have the PC accessing a tmpfs on the smartphone as a (virtual) USB mass storage device, so data gets written on the smartphone RAM instead of the flash memory.

This could have many use cases:

  • emergency swap space for PCs with low RAM
  • temporary storage for privacy sensitive-data
  • fast storage for temporary files (alternative to a native ramdisk wasting PC RAM)
  • PC USB interface benchmarking

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USB Share does the trick by creating a virtual usb image in /mnt/secure (which is mounted as tmpfs on my Android 4.2 OS). Then, mount and share the image with RW permissions.

Side note: i've found my OS also mounts a tmpfs on /sdcard/.android_secure but when connected as USB mass storage the files get written on the flash memory instead of the tmpfs.

If you know a better solution not requiring any commercial app please let me know!

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