Yesterday, I was texting this friend with whom I am romantically involved when all of a sudden, I couldn't see the texts between us anymore.

That is to say that I type the text and send it and she receives it but it never shows up on my screen, at all. On my side, it's like I never sent it. As stated, however, she receives it and can send some back, which I, again, don't receive even though it shows the text as delivered on her side.

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I recommend unistalling the app the install one more time if it do not help the simplest thing is installing another messeanger ( in google store there is a lot of it )


I've just now solved a similar problem. I just texted someone on my HTC 626S (a couple of hours ago) a few times (and also received a few from him) but after ending the session I could no longer view the messages. I could view older ones but not the latest ones I just sent or received. Also, on ending the session I got a message saying that the message was stored as a draft, even though I'm sure I sent the last one. Apparently an older message of mine from a few weeks ago never got sent due to a loss of signal (the call was dropped) so Android stuck it in 'draft' instead. From that point on no newer messages could be viewed. What I did to fix it was to tap the draft message and backspace over all of the text. That deleted it and now all the messages I sent and received since then all show up.

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