I would like to know why Kingo Root wants networkconnection when one clicks the "one click"-root button? I read a thread on XDA-forum that you could disable network-connection during root to protect things to be transmitted to a remote server (important data such as the EFS-folder).

So - Is there any reason the app wants me to be connected to internet when rooting? Should I be worried?

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    This should be easier to be answered if you asked the developer themselves, but... XDA forum had this suspicion before, and they seem to take an action by removing the app from there, until it's proven that it doesn't contain any malware (read: sending private data). If you're still unable to root your device without internet connection, then you've been warned, since the rooting process itself shouldn't need internet. – Andrew T. Aug 31 '15 at 7:35
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    Simple alternative is to go for a trusted root app like Framaroot. The root process is pretty simple in Kingo Root, I agree, but I would definitely prefer a confirmed working app over it any day. – rjt.rockx Aug 31 '15 at 11:25

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