I've made a custom album/playlist and imported it onto my SD card on my phone. However, when I got to play the playlist, not only does it break up the album by artist, it won't even play in order. Every song has a track number, but it seems to be ignoring this. How I can I get it so the album is grouped together regardless of artist AND have it play the playlist in track order?

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    Check if the "random" button is on...
    – sharp
    Sep 2 '15 at 6:19

Sort by "time". Pick an album and set it. That will change the settings when playing the songs in the database. It will re-order the songs to the way they were loaded onto the memory card. They were originally loaded with a time stamp in sequential order, with one being slightly older than the other. It appears to be ignoring the proper order. That is how I got it to work without downloading another player. Nothing worse than trying to play "The Wall" out of order!


To play all songs by an artist when in Artist view, click the picture or album art to the left of their name. This will start playing a random song and then you can click the Mini Player at the bottom and you should then see the option to shuffle if it's not already enabled.

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