I am considering selling an Android (KitKat) phone that is rooted.

Normally, when selling a phone, I would recommend performing a factory reset.

Do root privileges typically survive a factory reset?

If not, is there any way to really clear out everything on an Android phone without performing a factory reset? Or will some data remnants always remain?


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Performing a factory reset doesn't make you lose root access, since the root handling app (SuperSU or KingUser or whatever) is installed as a system app and only the /data and /cache partitions are formatted by a factory reset. The /system partition remains unaffected.


Of course this objective does take some time I'm in the same boat I want to try the same thing I haven't found a good answer. So that being the case the alternative means would be to go in and uninstall everything that you put on the phone that relates to your personal information it may take some time but it's a hundred percent guaranteed to work. That's what I did and I kept all the rooted apps with the phone so I can resell it so that the next person can tweak it their own way.

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