for testing purpose I need to fake my GPS location on a real Android device. Now I know about the possibility of Android Emulator and setting their GPS location via telnet.

I dont really have a clue how those GPS Faker Apps set the mock location of an Anodroid device and that isnt really the question, but I wondered if there is a way to set mock location of a REAL Android device other than using these apps. And additionally I need to do this over an interface so I can do this from my computer.

Is it possible to set up an telnet server on the android device ? Or maybe I should write an minimalistic app that I can run via adb.

And btw how do I know the GPS module of my device doesnt overwrite my set mock location?

I am thankful for any lead.



I have wrote an app for exactly this :). It listens on port 5554 and accepts "geo fix" and "geo nmea" commands - ie. compatible with the android emulator.

app store: MockGeoFix and source code

And btw how do I know the GPS module of my device doesnt overwrite my set mock location?

You disable all other sources of geolocation except GPS and you mock the GPS.


I wrote a similar app to the guy who answered the question. The problem with the one above is that it does not set the altitude values so pokemon go or other apps will complain.

If youre into building yourself, here are the sources: https://github.com/juliusmh/RemoteGeoFix


I just published an app on the Play store that lets you control your device's location from a web browser. I built it to record demos of our app that uses the GPS.

Remote Fake GPS

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