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I have a (non-rooted) Sony Xperia Z3 with default Lollipop installed. One challenge I often run into is that I can connect to a WiFi network, and my friends with iPhone cannot (I've also encountered the opposite, but that's another topic). It seems the hotspot functionality only works with connection to a telephone network, and not as a regular WiFi-WiFi hotspot. Do any of you know of a built in functionality that will do this, or an app I can download that will solve this issue for me? Thanks :)

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Unfortunately you can't, at least with today's hardware standard. To be able to do that (connecting to a WiFi and tether that through WiFi again), you would need two WiFi beacons on your phone. Since this is not the case, it is not possible to do so.

  • But it would be possible to tether using Bluetooth or NFC (or even USB) between the mobile devices? And use the handset with connection to the WiFi as a router? – Pedery Sep 4 '15 at 5:05
  • 1
    Using wifi for the connection and tether it using Bluetooth or USB is possible. – Syakur Rahman Sep 4 '15 at 5:09
  • That is interesting. However, this wasn't intended as a yes/no question :) Do you know of any specific apps that can do this? – Pedery Sep 8 '15 at 0:09

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