I am considering buying and Android tablet and want to know if this function is possible.

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    I would assume all of them (or at least the major ones like stock, Firefox, Opera, and Dolphin). – Matthew Read Aug 4 '11 at 21:23

The stock android browser, as long as the website uses a file upload control it can.

I just used the upload tool on twitpic, which uses flash, allows me to select audio, video or image files, and uploads them to twitpic.

  • imgur.com, flickr are notable examples of sites that allow access natively for Android 2.2+. – thunsaker Aug 28 '11 at 5:03

uc browser is the best for uploading files on the internet in a file uploading website

  • UC Browser pays malware to advertise and install it after hacking your phone. That's how they get their ratings. Don't trust it. – Emil Sep 9 '17 at 22:18

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