What does the Google Partner Setup app that is pre-installed on almost every Android device actually do?

Why does it need each of those intrusive permissions, especially the Phone permission?

Why does it want internet access, and what data is it transmitting or receiving?


Google Partner Setup is an app that helps you run applications in conjunction with Google products. For example, with this application's help, you can use the calendar from your device with a ToDo app that you've just installed.

As for the intrusive permissions, you are right. I don't understand why it needs all those permissions, if all it does is interface with other Google products. This software cannot be downloaded or deleted because it comes with certain hardware.

I am not sure, what the result of deleting this app (on rooted device) could be. I have just greenified this app on my android tablet, I'll report back if I face any issues.

Source: http://answers.informer.com/68993/what-does-google-partner-setup-for-do-i-need-it-on-my-phone

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    Its been around a week and no issues yet. The system performs great without the overhead of the Google Partner Setup! Only problem is that it starts on its own frequently, and you need to manually greenify/hibernate it every now and then (unless you are rooted, of course, in which case it should happen automatically). – Prahlad Yeri Oct 12 '16 at 3:42

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