I want to back up the SMS messages on my phone (an Alcatel One Touch Evolve 2), and I guess the simplest way to do that is to copy the SMS database to my PC.

According to this answer, the SMS database is found at:


However, this database seems to only be user-accessible if the phone is rooted, and I am currently unable to install any apps on this phone. Every time I try to install an app from the Google Play store, I get a message saying that there is "Insufficient storage", even if I just uninstalled the same app and am trying to reinstall it. This is probably a memory issue that requires a factory reset, which is why I'm trying to back up my SMS data before resetting the phone, but how can I get to the database if I can't put an app on the phone to root it?

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    Delete some of the apps or apps' data to gain some space. After that you can install Helium or any SMS backup app from Play Store. They don't need root access. However, no matter whether you do reset or not the storage issue will haunt you again. Also see Q/A in insufficient-memory tag. – Firelord Sep 8 '15 at 10:44
  • … and make sure to check the insufficient-memory tag-wiki, which gives you some first aid on solving that underlying issue. – Izzy Sep 8 '15 at 11:43
  • @Firelord, I haven't been able to get Helium to work because my laptop won't recognize my phone, see this post. – sigil Sep 27 '15 at 0:31
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    sigil, always attempt to use alternatives. Didn't I say "any SMS backup app from Play Store"? You need not to remain stuck and troubleshooting the Helium or ADB. Use SMS Backup & Restore to backup the SMS'/MMS' in any folder you want and then move them to PC simply. – Firelord Sep 27 '15 at 6:00
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    Remove some of the apps as I said earlier. Do not proceed for cache but uninstall the apps. – Firelord Sep 27 '15 at 6:32

Use Alcatel PC Suite. You can synchronize your smartphone data with PC this way.

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    Link for the software please? Also, how to use this software to achieve what you wrote in answer? Please detail. – Firelord Sep 9 '15 at 11:07
  • Tried this, but because my PC doesn't recognize my phone, even with the Universal ADB Driver, I can't use it. – sigil Sep 27 '15 at 3:02

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