I am running Lollipop on the LG G3 and due to a loose connection on the audio jack google voice search gets activated everytime a slight movement of ANY attached cable.

Now, I would like to deactivate google voice search completely. My phone is rooted and i am willing to raze any part of the file system to stop this annoying hellfire.

It is annoying because I can be on a free-hands call and google voice search asks me over the speakers "In order to do a google voice search please unlock your phone".

Additionally, the same physical problem results on the default music player starting to play music. Is there a wat to deactivate the wire control for the music player ?

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  • Open your Google app (not chrome).
  • Press "more"
  • On the new screen press "settings"
  • You should see "google assistant" and "voice", press "voice"
  • Press "voice match" under the"ok Google" section.
  • You have finally reached the screen you need. Here turn of the setting "access with voice match"

It should be pretty simple to just remove the app, I've done this on many devices without issue.

I recommend using Titanium Backup. Just find voice search in its app list, tap it, and choose uninstall.

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