How to stream audio from PC to Android Device over Bluetooth

Is there a way to stream all audio from PC to Android via USB?

Can I stream video from PC to an android device over USB?

I have found these questions, but since they're asked a few years ago, is it possible for now?

I've seen some new feature in android 5.0 and above, like this. https://source.android.com/devices/audio/usb.html#androidSupport

But I don't know how to use those features to stream audio from pc to android device via USB, please help me!


What you just read from the Android developer's guide is actually a specification for an Android device to send, not receive, audio using USB to an external device, such as a charging dock-cum-music player. This is a host mode USB connection. This does not allow your pc to send ( stream) audio to your device via USB. However, if your PC has Bluetooth, maybe you can register your phone as a Bluetooth audio player and stream audio to it that way.


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