I had some apps which were very useful on my old Samsung S3 and wanted to transfer them to my new s3. I went to applications manager and clicked on move to sd card. Not all the apps.can do this? Also now the sd card is in my new s3 I don't know how to access or install the apps that are supposed to be on my sd card. Any help or ideas with this?

Thank you

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You can't transfer apps like that. only moves parts of the apps to free some "internal storage" – and no, not all apps support this (if they offer widgets or run services, they cannot be moved this way).

So as you never get the full .apk file moved-over this way, it obviously doesn't work for your purpose. What are your alternatives?

  • You can install them from Playstore (or some other market place)
  • You can restore them from a taken
  • You can use some "APK Catcher" (see my list of apps to Backup your apps for possible candidates)

Note however that if you want to transfer the apps' data along, you either need root – or have to use adb backup (see our tag-wiki for a starter).

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