I need to authorize adb in recovery mode on my Galaxy S3 I9300 (international edition) in order to make a backup of my files.

The problem is that I cannot boot the cyanogenmod which is install on the phone and I don't know why.

Currently I have ClockworkMod Recovery and when I try adb pull /sdcard/DCIM I get the following message:

error: device unauthorized. Please check the confirmation dialog on your device.

Please help me, I have a lot of valuable information on my phone which I need to recover.


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In order to pull the files with ADB from my phone I flashed the latest TWRP recovery with ODIN (3.0.7, not the latest), then by default you have an authorized ADB devise in recovery, so I just entered

adb pull /sdcard/*

and waited for the files to transfer.

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