I have many calendars on Google Calendar:

  1. Hospital appointment (blue)
  2. Birthday calendar (yellow)
  3. Payday calendar
  4. My career's calendar

They are separated by the colours to make it easy for identification, but I would like to separate the notification sound to go with the colours. Some more urgent like an alarm, some less aggravating but still just a buzz or something.

It's confusing that they all use the same tone, and although via some apps I can differentiate these between text, voicemail, and Facebook, etc, it's not quite ideal. I have been looking through all calendar apps I can find for this thing.

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Setting up distinct alarms for separate calendars within the Google Calendar app--or for separate events on any of those calendars--is not a feature provided in the Google Calendar app. If you wish to have that function and to continue using the Google Calendar app, you'll need a third-party add-in such as Calendar Event Reminder. (CER) That one costs a couple of bucks but there may be other options, perhaps even "free" apps.

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    it seems silly that a simple feature like this isn't part of the Google calendar app... or even just the ability to turn off notification sounds on a per calendar basis!
    – Michael
    Aug 16, 2017 at 18:45

The third-party app Business Calendar 2 includes the functionality you seek.

Specifically, it allows the user to specify different notification sounds for different calendars, or no notification sounds for specific calendars.

I'm sure Business Calendar 2 has this functionality, but you may be more interested in aCalendar, as it likely also has this functionality, but donates some of their revenue to a non-profit charitable organization.


The feature you are looking for in the Google Calendar is already present.
You can find the instructions to do that at google support here

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    This does not answer the question, it is just a link. Second, by following the link you will see that it apparently is not possible to have more than one notification sound like the asker wants!
    – Michael
    Aug 16, 2017 at 18:49
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    Indeed, the information presented in the link directly contradicts the assertion that this answer makes. Oct 31, 2019 at 13:55

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