Had a rooted phone for years til and LG update bricked my last phone. Now I had to upgrade to an LG 4 ( Sprint is my carrier BTW) Problem is... I can't find the setting to enable USB debugging, nor, does it appear, that I can unlock the UICC. I like the phone so this isn't really a problem, but, I hate having the bloatware. (ie I would rather access facebook via the browser than keep this data-eater on my phone. Does anyone know how to work around this block so that I can remove the unwanted bloatware without rooting the phone?

Thanks in advance.

  • Is your Facebook app a system app? You can't uninstall the System app without root access. What is your Android version? – Lucky Sep 16 '15 at 13:48
  • Hi! Please note that this is not a forum but a Q&A site, so you need not to add any indication that an answer is found or this is a question or similar things. I've rolled back to original question for the moment. – Firelord Sep 17 '15 at 19:18

I thought about posting this as an edit, but I feel an answer will better suit the community. Here is what I found.

To unlock the developer options on an LG4 Go into settings... about phone..Software info. Finally, tap "Build Number" 7 times. Now back out to the main menu and there will be a choice for Developer Options. From here you can enable USB debugging and enjoy all of the other tools available. Rooting the phone from this point is easy.

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