I have a Nexus 5 with the last CyanogenMod nightly (12.1 20150917). I have a bug with the live display. Since the auto mode doesn't switch automatically, I have installed Automate, an app that uses the Android API to do tasks.

To fix the bug, I would like to create a task to switch in the night mode at a specific time, but unfortunately, there isn't the Live Display in Automate. Is there a way to set the night mode through the terminal?


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A user named r3t3ch provided the following solution on Reddit which I'm reproducing. Their answer was tested on a Moto X with CM 12.1.

To change [night/live] mode (Auto=2, Off=0, Day=4, Night=1):

adb shell settings put system display_temperature_mode 2

To change color temperature:

adb shell settings put system display_temperature_day 6500 settings put system display_temperature_night 3400

To change color calibration:

adb shell settings put system display_color_adjustment "0.8991 0.8689 1.0" 

The Night mode set block should be able to toggle night mode. There's no block for changing Live Display, but it might be possible to change the system settings for it, using the System setting set block, see the Reddit post here for the possible setting names and values.

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