I am able to use handwriting to input Chinese characters. However, I would like to input Cantonese characters (which are slightly different from Chinese characters). How do I do this?


Use Cantonese Input. Install the keyboard and add it as an input method. You can then use any of the following to input characters:

  • Pinyin (Yale, Jyutping and Cantonese Pinyin standards)
  • Cangjie
  • Handwriting
  • Voice
  • Stroke
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You can first try the solution provided by Huey. Alternatively you can also try these,

  1. Install Google Handwriting Input and enable it.
  2. Select the Cantonese language under the Configure languages option.
  3. Now select Download languages (Download size around 12MB)
  4. Now choose Select Google Handwriting Input and select the Cantonese keyboard.

Now you will be able to use the Cantonese Handwriting input and write in Cantonese.

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