I am using Tasker scences. I have a text-box. I want the user to enter contact phone number into the input-box in the scene.

I am searching how to let the user pick a number from the contact list.

Tasker don't have any plugin that show contact picker.

Do you have any other solution for that?

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    Just saying: You can try your luck here too. If you do find an answer, don't forget to share it with us. :) – Firelord Sep 21 '15 at 3:26
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  • For Readers: Here is a pointer which uses AutoContact app: reddit.com/r/tasker/comments/3lwjff/… – Firelord Sep 23 '15 at 5:31

I found a solution by using Automate. Automate is like Tasker but it also has Contact Picker.

I can start automate flow from Tasker, then the flow can pick a contact and copy the contact number to clipboard. Then Tasker can take the number from the clipboard and do whatever I want.

Hard, but it is working!!!

On the way, I found that Automate is much better than Tasker (Automate can run Tasker's tasks and plugins either)

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