So I have this phone that looks like it's working fine under the hood, but input (power button and touchscreen) as well as the output (display) are pretty much dead.

Interlude on what happened

  1. Clumsy me dropped his phone in water.
  2. Turning it off immediately and heating it through to dry gave red light. (battery cannot be removed quickly)
  3. Volume down + power for 60 seconds caused life signs to reappear.
  4. After recharge and start, display was very washed out (very white, barely readable) and touchscreen was partially unresponsive. Besides that the phone worked normally.
  5. Display "faded" further over couple of hours. Now being black, flickering when plugged to power (nothings visible, just black flickering). Volume buttons occasionally still work, providing sound feedback for changing the volume.

I got a new phone (see, I like to fix things, but with water damage you never know what got damaged. I keep the phone and see if I can fix it later, but for now I use a new one, because I need to call people 'n stuff, ok?)

How can I access the data on the phone? I installed adb, but in order to connect to the phone, the phone has to be enabled for that. I don't remember if I ever changed that setting, but connecting it to the pc and listing all the connected devices gave nothing. I assume that it is not set up for that.

I read about a safe mode, but that needs a phone that's turned off and a power button. My phone is on and the power button doesn't work. At least I think it doesn't work.

Is there any way to access the phone via cable from outside to bypass the broken io? Or is my only option to actually fix the phone to make a regular connection to it?

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