I have Motorola RAZR D3, and when I press the power button, nothing happens:

  • If the device goes to lock screen (after 5s), I can't unlock it with the power button, and the only way is using the soft reset to restart the phone.
  • If I press Power + Volume down, the device is restarted after 10s.

Thing I have tried:

  • Check Settings > Security > Power Button instant lock and it's checked.
  • Reset the device with Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset and I still have the same problem.

This is not the ideal solution, but is still a working solution (bad solution is better than no solution):

Using the reference from TrendBlog.net, I installed Power Button to Volume Button which replaces the power button functionality (un/lock screen) with the volume buttons (up & down).

  • Thx Andrew for the edit. Btw the final solution was take the device to a Repair Center and the technical change the power contact and the button (it was a hardware issue), but i have another problem too (battery was death) so i have to charge it with a power wired usb cable (search in youtube) after disarm the device :) – Enrique San Martín Apr 29 '16 at 13:49

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