I have downloaded 3 apks:

  • 5.39 MB
  • 1.04 MB
  • 4.32 MB

Now, the problem is when I tried to install the first 2 apks, I get an error message.

Out of space

The apk couldn't be installed. Free up space and then try again.

Upon installing the Third apk, it gets installed. Now I go to Settings > Device Group > Application manager, to see how much space are still available on my device, and it's 422 MB. My device still got more space yet, but why I can't install an apk just a 1 MB?

My device is running 4.4.4 KitKat

Please help!


Try to clear the cached data and then reinstalling Clear cached data by going in Setting>>Storage>>Scroll Down a little you will see Cached data,Press on the Button to clear cache. Should Work

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