I'm using the standard MP3 player on Android 4.3. Whenever I listen to long pieces of music and I pause for several minutes and/or unplug the headphones (not sure of the exact cause), the playlist will just reset itself. This causes

  • the active track to reset, which is very annoying for long tracks, and
  • the shuffled playlist to reset, so that many tracks will be played twice.

Is there a way to make the player just remember the shuffled playlist as well as the active track position, no matter how long I don't use it?

I could not find a setting in the standard player to prevent it from resetting. This question indicates that for more memory capacity I would need a different player than the standard one, but I don't need it to keep track of several audiobooks or something.

Can this be achieved with the standard player, or do I really need another player, and if so, which one could it be? Another question deals with the logging of timestamps (which could solve that aspect), but it doesn't have an answer yet.

I'm not very skilled with Android, so please tell me in case I forgot to mention something.

edit: One reason why I use the standard player is that it's capable of playing very many formats which other players cannot, such as .flac, .wma, .m4a, .mka


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