I've recently bought HTC Desire and tried to setup all settings etc. But I have two problems:

  1. Twitter notifications are delivered from Twitter app, HTC Twitter widget and something called Peep. Same message appears 2-3 times.

  2. I've installed Skype. Is is possible not to receive notifications on Android if I have Skype turned on on PC? It's very annoying when I'm chatting with someone on Skype on PC and receive Android Skype notification every 20 seconds.

  • If you don't want to use multiple apps ... sign out of or remove all but one. – Matthew Read Aug 13 '11 at 19:11
  1. No idea, not using twitter on my phone (@Matthew read's idea has merit)

  2. Open skype, hit menu, Settings, uncheck notifications you don't want to see.

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