I would like to get a link to a pdf file in my local Dropbox of my android. This is because I want to access the file by the syntax /local/system/something/file.pdf#page=116 in Internet Browser. I have the file as Available for Offline Use in Dropbox. I do not know if this stores the file as readable in my system.

This would help me a lot because then I do not need to browse books at the very beginning of the file. The Dropbox browser is so limited that I cannot add there #page=116 in Dropbox's pdf browser so I need a link to the file in the filesystem.

How can you get a local filesystem link of an offline-accessible PDF file in Dropbox?

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It's in


Note that YourLocalStorage depends on your mobile. For example, it is storage/emulated/0/ on some LG phones.

To access the file from your web browser you have to put file:/// before the given path.

  • @Masi you can use some file manager to get the full path of a file. E.g. ES File Explorer
    – Lucky
    Commented Oct 1, 2015 at 19:49

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