I have a Samsung Galaxy S 5 rooted and flashed CyanogenMod 12.1 on it (Android 5.1.1). Everything always have worked fine.

Earlier this week, I have installed a new app in my phone. Although I cannot 100% blame the app, after a reboot having this app installed, the phone could not recognize the SIM card anymore. It always was showing me the message No SIM card detected. Even after I uninstalled the app, rebooted, removed SIM card, re-rebooted, re-inserted the SIM card, re-re-rebooted, wiped Dalvik, wiped cache, upgraded the ROM, the problem persisted.

I finally decided to make a full ROM backup and then a factory reset.

The SIM card is now correctly recognized, as before.

Now what should I do? Re-install every app I had before and re-configure each of them one by one? Restore the backup with chance that the SIM card will not be recognized again? And if it won't, how can I solve this problem without the need of a full factory reset and re-installation/configuration of all my apps?

What are the steps to go through this situation?



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